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Logitech G35 Headset Support for Linux


This user-space daemon intends to provide support for the G35 buttons located
on the headset. Button profiles offer the ability to switch the button
functionality on-the-fly. The buttons will be passed through the uinput device
to your system.


* cmake (>= 2.6)
* libconfuse
* libg35 (


To compile the project:

# cmake .
# make

If everything went smoothly the application can be installed with (Default
Prefix: /usr/local):

# make install


The key mappings are stored in profiles in the g35d.rc configuration file. It
will be installed to /etc/g35d.rc. The keycodes for each key can be found in

To start the program run:

# g35d

To explicitly start the program as daemon with a different configuration file:

# g35d -d -c /tmp/other-g35d.rc