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Small collection of programs to retrieve pointers.



To compile the tools execute:

# Manually run:
gcc -o <toolname> <toolname>.c

# or all tools with:
make all

Using make all will automatically compile a 32-bit and 64-bit version of env.


Compile: gcc -o env env.c

Returns the pointer of an environment variable. This can be useful for ret2libc exploits.


Compile: gcc -m32 -o esp esp.c

Returns the pointer to the stack (for illustrations).

If security policies are active, the stack pointer should be randomized on eax execution.


Compile: gcc -m64 -o rsp rsp.c

Same as esp, but for 64-bit



Compile: gcc -o ret reg.c

Returns address of valid return to register jumps/calls.


Compile: gcc -o jmpesp jmpesp.c

Returns a list of JMP ESP instructions in the first page of a library with fixed address space. To find fixed addresses, check the target binary with ldd.

Further instructions can be added.