Configure Renovate (#2)

Welcome to [Renovate](! This is an onboarding PR to help you understand and configure settings before regular Pull Requests begin.

🚦 To activate Renovate, merge this Pull Request. To disable Renovate, simply close this Pull Request unmerged.

### Detected Package Files

 * `Cargo.toml` (cargo)
 * `.drone.yml` (droneci)

### Configuration Summary

Based on the default config's presets, Renovate will:

  - Start dependency updates only once this onboarding PR is merged
  - Enable Renovate Dependency Dashboard creation.
  - Use semantic commit type `fix` for dependencies and `chore` for all others if semantic commits are in use.
  - Ignore `node_modules`, `bower_components`, `vendor` and various test/tests directories.
  - Group known monorepo packages together.
  - Use curated list of recommended non-monorepo package groupings.
  - Apply crowd-sourced package replacement rules.
  - Apply crowd-sourced workarounds for known problems with packages.

🔡 Would you like to change the way Renovate is upgrading your dependencies? Simply edit the `renovate.json` in this branch with your custom config and the list of Pull Requests in the "What to Expect" section below will be updated the next time Renovate runs.


### What to Expect

With your current configuration, Renovate will create 2 Pull Requests:

<summary>Update Rust crate clap to 4.2.4</summary>

  - Schedule: ["at any time"]
  - Branch name: `renovate/clap-4.x`
  - Merge into: `master`
  - Upgrade [clap]( to `4.2.4`


<summary>Update rust Docker tag to v1.69</summary>

  - Schedule: ["at any time"]
  - Branch name: `renovate/rust-1.x`
  - Merge into: `master`
  - Upgrade rust to `1.69`



 Got questions? Check out Renovate's [Docs](, particularly the Getting Started section.
If you need any further assistance then you can also [request help here](


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