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A Command line interface for ACTIONPRO X7 to configure the WiFi settings from the command line.

The ACTIONPRO X7 was produced by CI IMAGEWEAR GmbH and is by now end of life and now longer supported. There was a Windows program called Action Manager, which allowed Windows users to configure their action camera, or reset the credetials, if the credentials were forgotten.

This project uses parts of the xusb.c example program provided by the libusb project.

This program is a result of my work on reverse engineering the Action Manager, the write up of this project can be found on



  • libusb-1.0

To access usb devices, root access is often required.


$ make config.h
$ $EDITOR config.h
$ make

Config Options

Adjust settings in config.h before running make to apply changes.

The file config.h is created when running make, or by explicitly running make config.h. If the file config.h does not exist while running make, the defaults are copied from config.def.h.


  • RETRY_MAX (Default 5) - Number of retries for sending a mass storage command.


Usage: ./actionpro [OPTION]
  -C, --config-file=FILE     use this user configuration file
  -h, --help                 give this help list
  -p, --password=PASSWORD    sets the access point authentication PASSWORD
  -s, --ssid=SSID            sets the access point SSID
  -t, --time                 synchronize the camera time
  -v, --version              display version number


To update the SSID to "newssid" and set the access point password of the cameras access to "newpassword":

$ ./actionpro -s newssid -p newpassword