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Add clickusagemd as development dependency to your Poetry project.

poetry add -D git+

By adding a revision tag you can stay on a — at least for you — working version, instead of working with the latest and possible broken commit.

The latest recommended revision is: 0.8.2.

To install:

poetry add -D git+

After installing, register the pre-push hook. The hook is installed by executing the command poetry run clickusagemd install. If an previous, untagged version of the pre-push hook was installed you might need to manually delete the file .git/hooks/pre-push before installing. Later versions of clickusagemd will detect its own pre-hook files and will install or update them.


To update clickusagemd either run

poetry update clickusagemd

with , or to update all Poetry dependencies at once

poetry update




Clickusagemd can be uninstalled by removing the pre-push hook with

poetry run clickusagemd uninstall

or by manually deleting the file .git/hooks/pre-push.

To completely remove the clickusagemd command use the Poetry package manager to remove the dependency.

poetry remove -D clickusagemd