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pipx install git+https://github.com/jaypikay/doxy.git

Shell completion

Service name completion

By enabling shell completion the service names are TAB-Completted when using the control command.


Save the configuration file in ~/.config/doxy/config.yml:

root_directory: "/path/to/docker/services"
compose_executable: "/usr/bin/docker-compose"

If you use docker compose instead of docker-compose you can use a wrapper script for docker-compose


/usr/bin/docker compose $@

exit 0


Usage: doxy [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  -f, --format [fancy|simple]  output formatting  [default: fancy]
  --help  Show this message and exit.

  control  run docker-compose commands
  edit     edit the compose file
  list     list available services
  update   pull the latest service images and restart


List available services

$ doxy list
Available Services
├── service-1
├── service-2
├── other-service
└── my-service-demo

When doxy -f simple is used the output is easier to process by pipes.

Start a service and detach

$ doxy control other-service up -d

Edit a service

$ doxy edit service-2


Alternative 1

Add this to ~/.bashrc:

eval "$(_DOXY_COMPLETE=bash_source doxy)"

Alternative 2

Save the script:

_DOXY_COMPLETE=bash_source doxy > ~/.doxy-complete.bash

Add this to ~/.bashrc:

. ~/.foo-bar-complete.bash


Alternative 1

Add this to ~/.zshrc:

eval "$(_DOXY_COMPLETE=zsh_source doxy)"

Alternative 2

Save the script:

_DOXY_COMPLETE=zsh_source doxy > ~/.doxy-complete.zsh

Add this to ~/.zshrc:

. ~/.foo-bar-complete.zsh